After the Second World War, a large amount of
ex-combatants without a place to return were recruited by
a mercenary army under the command of former General Albert Hessler,
a man without a nation and with only one objective … war.

In response to this, the United Nations through the SDU(Special Defense
Unit), creates a group under the name of VALKYRIAS.
This squad, made up of elite pilots, will have the
responsibility to stop Hessler’s ambitions.

Spread your wings and be part of the Valkyrias!


Traditional Shoot 'em Up gameplay!

Select a Pilot and an aircraft to follow a path.

Use power ups, special weapons

and different shooting modes to

engage the enemy.

Battle against heavy armoured enemies!

Learn their attack patterns and choose the best

way to eliminate them.

Beat the enemy with a friend,

  cooperative tactics pay!

Special stage!!

Be ready to engage your enemies in this

special stage.

Change your pace, take a deep breath

and fly in this "Shooter on rails" style mission.

Special Stage!!

Be ready to attack head on your enemy!

Avoid flak artillery, Cannon shots and

enemy traps. No matter what,

Commit to your mission!



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1 - 2 Players
Español | English | 日本語
PC (via Steam)